Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fontius Building Facelift is Looking Up

Fontius Building Detail Photo by Ken at Infill Blog

Back in January, developer Evan Makovsky received an important approval for new, energy efficient windows on the north and east side of the Fontius Building at the corner of the 16th Street Mall and Welton Street. In late April, workers began hanging large windows that will pivot just as the original ones did. Makovsky had to get permission from the Landmark Preservation Commission to replace the originals. Without the $1 million energy-efficient windows, the project would not have moved forward.

The terra-cotta exterior has also been restored on the upper floors, which from the 16th Street Mall reveals a handsome building that had been hidden for decades under dirt and disrepair. An artist has been hired to mold 9 tons of clay by hand the way craftsmen did in the 1920s to restore the terra-cotta exterior of the bottom floors for the Renaissance Revival-style building design by Merrill Hoyt, brother of famous architect Burnham Hoyt. The current restoration is being undertaken by architect Brian Klipp and the construction company Milender White Construction Co.

The exterior work is expected to be complete in time for the Democratic National Convention in August when a "Mega Tent" will soar 50 feet high behind the building. The tent, called "The Peak" is in the process of being erected and when completed (by June 1st), will lend 20,000 feet of space to host concerts, banquets, and trade shows. Should be quite a sight (site).

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