Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Elevations Returns!

It's been a long while since anything was posted here on Green Elevations, those that have noticed, thanks for sticking with me and being patient. Last fall I bought a house in the Regis neighborhood of Denver and things in my life underwent a change, I'll call it "overwhelmed with home ownership for the first time". I found myself busy with many projects around the house and less time on the computer, good and bad for me. I was also developing a new strategy to cope with the economic crisis that was crashing in on the world and personally I had to refocus my efforts a little. One of the things I've started to pursue during the break was the field of home energy rating and since it fits with the ideals of green architecture, readers to the blog will find more articles related to home energy efficiency and building performance. I have a backlog of articles that I need to write up and those will be appearing postdated on the blog over the next several weeks hopefully with important new information as well.