Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Denver Architecture Firm of the Week 3/26/08 - Sean Garrett Architecture

I've decided to showcase Denver's local architecture firms in a weekly blog post. In my recent search for an architecture position (email me), I've been researching many great firms in the Denver area and I'd like to highlight the recent work and philosophies of some of these companies.

This week I've chosen an architect whose office is located very close to my home and that drew my attention a while back with his Green House competition win in Chicago (pictured on the left).

Sean Garrett Architecture

From SGA's website;

"The Qualities we value…Each new building is but a single contribution to the larger built and natural environments that we inhabit, and each individual design and construction project either reveals and reinforces the qualities we value or conceals and degrades our sense of place. Whether cityscape or landscape, SGA strives to identify the critical components and characteristics of each place and design architecture that responds appropriately to the individual, community, culture, and environment. The incorporation of green, sustainable, and energy-efficient building technologies is part and parcel to SGA’s design process."

Current projects include the Charlie's on Colfax redesign with a new front facade. From SGA's website; "SGA’s proposed addition and renovation to Charlie’s Bar responds in part to a loss of patronage resulting from Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act. The over-height, sloping, exterior screen wall secures a new outdoor patio that isolates smokers from other patrons while preserving a visual connection to the nightclub interior. The tall, colorful wall takes its cues from the nearby mid-century modern architecture and doubles as a new building fa├žade that masks the existing structure. "

Sean Garrett Architecture

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Anonymous said...

We hired Sean Garrett Architecture for our home project in Loveland, CO. We found them quite difficult to work with particularly with listening and incorporating changes into drawings. They slipped our closing date by more than a month loosing our rate lock. They had difficulty with budget guidelines. We came in 150k over our 250k budget even after redrafting. Our project sadly ended up unbuildable. It might be wise to get references from projects the architect your hire did not complete.