Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Denver Architecture Firm of the Week 5/14/08
4240 Architecture

Image from 4240 Architecture Website : Riverfront Park

4240 Architecture Inc. is an award-winning national design firm doing site-specific work on a global scale. Based in Denver and Chicago, we offer services in architecture, planning and design, renovation and adaptive re-use, interior and landscape design. We are committed to a collaborative design process that intimately involves our clients, and that involves deep research on each project to help us understand its needs and goals. We are known for our leadership, innovation and creativity, technical expertise, and our management process.
· A proven track record of delivering complex projects on time and on budget, facilitating a smooth and timely process when multiple approval parties are involved;
· The ability to integrate the cultural, environmental, and lifestyle character of the locale;
· Coordination of the smallest details for staging, phasing and meeting design and community guidelines needs;
· A strong portfolio of preservation and urban re-use and infill;
· The ability to reveal new possibilities, and be strong players in developing project marketability through better design;
· And a familiarity and working knowledge of unique environmental requirements such as seasonal construction microclimate constraints, and the natural forces of sun, sea, snow and wind.

4240 Architecture, Inc., is an industry leader in the design of buildings that exceed expectations in terms of economics, social equity, and environmental sustainability. We excel at identifying strategies that work together in a whole-building approach to achieve more than any one system alone – the building struggles less to perform better. The firm is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and has nine LEED™ Accredited Professionals on staff. LEED™ Accredited Professionals go through rigorous training to reach an advanced understanding of design strategies that enhance performance in every phase of a project, from initial site selection and orientation to programming, massing, systems design, materials selection, construction, close-out and follow-up.

Info via 4240 Architecture Inc. website

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