Thursday, May 8, 2008

1800 Larimer is Pre-Certified LEED CS Platinum

1800 Larimer is pre-certified LEED CS Platinum. Designed by architecture firm RNL Design, this 22 story, 500,000 sqft office building will be the new headquarters of Xcel Energy when it opens in the summer of 2010. Westfield Development Company, who is developing the project, will also house it's offices here and the building is already about 75% leased. This will be the first high rise building in the central business district of Denver to be built in the last 20 years, so it appears that progress is moving quickly in Denver! The building's location in the heart of Lower Downtown Denver is an ideal sustainable site with it's easy access to mass transit via the downtown circulator.

According to their website, some of their LEED highlights include restoring 77% of their non-footprint site to native or adaptive vegetation. A 17,000 sqft landscaped terrace will attach the side of the building off of the second floor lobby. Waterless urinals and other water saving features will adorn the fancy bathrooms and I'm sure the water wall feature in the main lobby will recycle it's water as well.
An innovative under floor ventilation system will provide more fresh air and better energy efficiency. It's relationship with Xcel Energy will be strong and green with a four year contract for 35% of core and shell power to come from from WindSource®. It's materials will comprise of 20% recycled content in core and shell materials, 20% locally obtained materials, and FSC Certified wood doors. I'm interested to know what the outer shell window design configuration is based on, Tetris?

1800 Larimer Website Also, check out their sales movie

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