Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Three Upcoming Sustainable Communities in Denver

All have yet to officially break ground but should be completed in the next 2-4 years. It will be interesting to compare the 3 very different sized projects to see to what degree of sustainability has been achieved.

- Arvada: 25 acres, 300 homes
Opening of Pre-sale Release June 2, 2008.
Geos - Colorado's First GeoSolar Neighborhood : Green Elevations
Over 300 sunny Colorado days per year and a constant temperature of the Earth at five to seven feet below ground level are the power sources of Geos, the first fossil fuel free community in the United States."

Horizon Uptown (City Centre) - Aurora: 503 acres, 3,800 homes , 1.3 million sq ft retail (1/3 small format, 2/3 large) and 4 million sq ft office (16,000 people)
Lend Lease Project
Green Development Planned for Aurora : Denver Post
"All commercial buildings in the project must meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold standard. Homes will be built to either Colorado Built Green standards or those established by the U.S. Green Building Council."

Lowry Range - Lowry: 4,000 acres, 13,000 homes, 260 acres commercial and 750 acres open space
Lend Lease Project
Solar Power may come to Lowry Range : Rebchook's Blog
"The Lowry Range, the largest mixed-use development on the drawing board in the Denver area, could become the first, large-scale Colorado community to use solar as a power source."

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55 gallon water barrel said...

Why can't all cities develop projects like this? Sustainability will become, if it isn't already, a hallmark of city design.