Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stumbling on the Web

About a week ago, after reading several blog articles about social bookmarking, I was looking at my Sitemeter referral stats and noticed a StumbleUpon entry, I had seen and read about StumbleUpon but hadn't subscribed to the service, I added one of my pages of recent importance as a favorite and now I've seen an increase in traffic to my blog. I've also been updating elements and the design of this blog and hope to add more social bookmarking links to my posts. So now I just need to recover from my Memorial Day weekend camping/birthday/engagement trip :) and start the posts flowing again.

I've also recently been added to the blogrolls at Best Green Blogs (Editor's Choice),, I Can't Keep Up, Everything We Know About Denver, and The Egotist.

Thanks for the support and feedback!

1 comment:

I Can't Keep Up said...

Hey! Sorry I just saw this. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll!