Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birambye International Benefit at Cervantes Tonight

From the Birambye International website: "Birambye International is a non-profit charitable organization comprised of engineers, architects, planners, and other professionals from the greater Denver area. We are committed to participating with communities in need and developing sustainable environments that restore the health and wellbeing of community life. The Birambye team implements innovative solutions by combining our skills and knowledge in green design and construction."

Their current project is called the Birambye Lodge, in Rwanda.

L'Esperance Aid Rwanda operates the Children's Village Kigarama, an orphanage in Western Rwanda with 105 children. Once these children reach the age of 18, they are asked to leave the orphanage. Numerous problems have risen in helping these children become successful adults. Many of them have little to no education or financial means of supporting themselves once they leave. Victor Monroy, Director of Children's Village Kigarama, holds a vision of a sustainable society and a brighter future for the children that leave the orphanage. After visiting the orphanage and meeting Victor, Birambye Internation President, Mark Reiner agreed to kickstart this project. Birambye International will help plan and develop a lodge with the Children's Village Kigarama Orphanage can operate and manage. The project will provide the economic self-sufficiency that will nurture the intellectual, spiritual, social and physical growth of the children, while supporting the harmonic stewardship of the environment.

Benefit PDF Link $8 Thursday April 10th at 8pm Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom - 26th and Welton, Denver

Bands performing are
U.S. Pipe, Apex Vibe, S.T.O.I.C., Kollage, Isolated Generation, AddVerse

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