Monday, September 3, 2007

Floating Houses and Mass Cultural Like-Mindedness

Over the last week I've been thinking about New Orleans and Katrina, the Weather Channel had an overview of what happened and it got me thinking about an idea for a house that rests on a raised hollow solid foundation but can detach with a floating floor level that could rise with rushing floods. This seems like a sensible approach to areas that are prone to general rising sea rate, river delta flooding, hurricanes, and tsunamis. In a brief overview of some of my frequented sites I find several posts that show this idea in varying degrees, all within this last week, interesting coincidence, I find it interesting how anniversaries of events can focus peoples efforts and thoughts toward future solutions. I'll add to the collective with my overview of these floating structures and how they could pose a solution to these disaster-prone areas. Next step is to make them affordable and sustainable.

Inhabitat DuraVermeer and Waterstudio
Inhabitat Katrina Anniversary
BLDGBLOG Single Hauz
Archidose Floating in Illinois
Treehugger Steel Floating Tower
Seattle Times LSU professor suggests back in April

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